The Redevelopment Rodeo is a set of educational programming geared towards providing technical assistance to Brownfields redevelopment projects.

It’s opportunity to wrangle your rarest or rowdiest redevelopment projects with seasoned Redevelopment Wranglers who’ve wrestled with the biggest brownfield beasts. The Redevelopment Wranglers know the long, hard trail to highest and best results in today’s market. These multidisciplinary professionals will be able to examine your project, point out hidden possibilities and pitfalls and provide industry-best technical know-how. Armed by best practices and tested strategies, the Redevelopment Wranglers can help you herd your stakeholders, corral your more complicated critters and overcome roadblocks on your route to revitalization.

Who: The Redevelopment Rodeo application is meant for any stakeholder involved in a brownfield redevelopment project.

Why: The Redevelopment Rodeo gives stakeholder-presenters an opportunity to explain tough projects while soliciting advice and solutions from a panel of experts at no cost.

Presenters’ projects will also receive special media coverage from the Center for Creative Land Recycling and on

How to ride in the Redevelopment Rodeo: Fill out the application at the link below!

CCLR is organizing two Rodeos: one for urban projects, and another for rural projects. Experts on the panels include: Kevin Gremse (National Development Council), Lance Robbins (Urban Smart Growth), Matt Ward (Sustainable Strategies DC) and Jesse Silverstein (Development Research Partners).

Anyone can apply, but you must be able to:

  1. Complete this application and submit responses by September 1st.
  • If you are interested in signing up, but have questions, sign up WITH THIS FORM for a call on August 22nd, from 11-12pm PDT. Dial-in information will be distributed to those who sign up.
  • Applicants will be screened by CCLR and colleagues, which will select 9 applicants to add their project to the roundup at the Redevelopment Rodeo.
  • Selected applicants will be asked to provide more information, and will be asked to join a pre-conference call to prep for the Redevelopment Rodeo.
  1. Attend the Redevelopment Rodeo session at the National Brownfields conference to present your project.

Please contact CCLR staff at if you have questions!